About Me

Michael Hsu is a Californian native who holds many multi-faceted talents in various industries. He is an accomplished businessman who has a knack for financial competency and an extremely strict investing acumen. He takes an interest in the macroeconomic events of the world, particularly how he can make a difference in the financial literacy of small to medium-sized businesses.

An avid traveler, Hsu obtained his pilot license to pursue his love of flying and exploring the skies. It gives him a sense of accomplishment and wanderlust that is unmatched by many hobbies that can be done on solid ground. He is also an extremely active member of the community, choosing to spend his limited free time giving back to multiple organizations with time, money, and other resources.

Early Life and Education

Michael Hsu was born in Northridge, CA, on August 9th, 1991. He was raised as a Californian native, as his love of the community kept him tethered there, quite unlike his love of flying. His family, peers, and friends were constantly in competition, and Hsu knew he wanted to be greater than those around him while still remembering his roots and giving back. He was raised in Thousand Oaks and attended Thousand Oaks High School, where he developed a passion for business and finance. Hsu found that there was very little on this topic taught in high school and would frequently conduct his own research on economics, capital markets, and other associated content.

Michael couldn't wait to graduate to pursue his lifelong dream of pursuing his passion for business. He started first by being accepted and subsequently attending UCLA. Once there, he found the content to not be as challenging as he once thought, as he found himself breezing through the subject matter extremely quickly. He would search for an alternative before determining that he would need to transfer out of his Business Economics program. He would go on to continue his studies at the University of Southern California to obtain a degree in Business Administration, with a specialization in finance.

Hobbies and Interests

Although Michael Hsu had felt a lifelong belonging to the grounds of California, he did not feel the same way about its beautiful skies. In 2008, Michael Hsu obtained his private pilot's license, solidifying his determination to further his passion for his extremely esoteric and expensive taste in hobbies. He has always loved to chase sunsets, as the colors and atmosphere are relaxing, soothing, and motivating, unlike any other experience. For someone who enjoys sunsets, he feels that they are many times more profound when viewed with an unobstructed glance at the open sky, nearer to the action itself.

The feeling of flying has always exhilarated him, as the liberating atmosphere of the open sky provides a landscape for reflection. Being alone in a small aircraft on a large horizon gives an inward perspective to one's own self and serves as both a way to improve your mindset and to clear up any difficulties and anxieties that Michael may be experiencing at that time.

Further to his adventures in the endless sky, Hsu has always enjoyed the company of animals. He has always had a pet, and his family has always instilled in him the love and adoration of animal companions. He has always treated animals extremely kindly, even at a young age - making sure that wildlife outside of his house was taken care of. He was a child that would never harm an insect or smaller animal, even when others would treat them poorly. He understands that the way animals are treated is a reflection of ourselves, so Michael continually defends their rights and freedoms as living and sentient beings.

Charity and Philanthropy

Hsu is an active member of the community, principles that are hard-wired into his spirit as part of his upbringing, society, family, experience, and surroundings. He regularly donates his time, energy, and financial resources to try and help others in need. Hsu does not believe that his efforts should be recognized or rewarded, so he actively seeks out those who are down on their luck and will always help them out, whether these are homeless shelters or food banks.

A devoted lover of animals, there are regular charities and societies that Hsu is a member of, and he regularly sends his aid. Of paramount importance to him is a cause that is near and dear to his heart. Although it is not in California, the Arizona Animal Welfare League has counted on his support for over 6 months. This is something that he continues to do to this day, volunteering his time and regularly contributing to their salvation efforts. You can find him there in his limited spare time, taking care, feeding, and loving the animals that have yet to find a happy and healthy home environment.

While animal welfare is top of his list, another charity has taken his heart. The Best Friends Animal Society have received thousands from Hsu in donations for their support to actively rescue animals that are in need. Often, this means that the organization takes calls that are difficult to hear. There are various abandoned animals that deserve a second chance, healing from the traumas inflicted upon them, both emotionally and physically, by previous owners.

Finally, it is not just beloved pets that need help with the quality of their lives. Hsu has previously given to the Marine Conservation Institute as this organization helps to protect our oceans in order to protect and develop marine biodiversity while also helping to reduce the effects of climate change. This is a Herculean task as only 3% of the ocean is protected when the bare minimum for a sustainable future should be 30%.


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